Fat powders & creamers

Like to add more creaminess to your product?

And thus create a good structure that gives a pleasant mouthfeel? Our spray-dried fat powders & creamers are used in sweet and savoury products. We use natural sources for this ingredient and also offer dairy free solutions.

The functions of fat powders & creamers

Adding powdered oils and fats to applications changes the structure and mouthfeel and gives the consumer a unique taste experience. It is not just a product but rather an indulgence.

The functions of fat powders & creamers:

Our range

We supply various types of fat powders using such fat sources as palm, sunflower, coconut and soya This enables us to deliver ingredients that contain up to 80% fat and are dairy free.

Coffee creamer

Fat powder

Uses of fat powder & creamers

Our fat powders & creamers are produced using various fat sources and are therefore suitable for sweet and savoury, hot and cold end products.

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