Dairy products contain valuable nutrients and constitute part of a healthy diet. Besides being healthy, they can also be a tasty treat such as ice cream or a delicious chocolate mousse. Whatever the occasion, the whole experience has to be right, even if a consumer has allergies or is a vegan.

A surprising yet familiar product

As a manufacturer, you want to create a concept that exceeds consumers’ expectations. The kind of product for which they coming back and speak highly of. Dairy products should be creamy but not too fatty, with a full flavour that is just right. For ice cream, freezer stability also plays a major role. The colour and taste must remain intact, even if the product starts to melt. 

Our ingredients
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To create an attractive dairy product, we use (vegan) flavourings, (natural) fat powders and hydrocolloids and we finish it off with the perfect decorations & inclusions.

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