Plant-based (vegan)

More and more consumers are switching to plant-based products. This started with meat substitutes, but the same criteria now also apply to dairy products and snacks.

A familiar yet surprising experience

When consumers buy vegan products, the same expectations apply compared to meat products. When developing meat alternatives and vegan dairy products, we focus on the entire experience of the product. 

Meat substitutes should contain enough protein, be just as nutritious, and, in terms of taste experience, have the same creaminess as meat. When it comes to vegan dairy products, consumers expect a creamy, protein-rich product. We have natural solutions for protein enrichment, improving mouthfeel and replacing animal fats

Our vegan ingredients
for your plant-based product

To develop meat substitutes, vegan dairy products and snacks, we use ingredients such as: vegan flavourings, yeast extracts, hydrocolloids, vegetable proteins and dairy free fat powders.

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Developed concepts

Vegan hamburger

Vegan ice cream

Vegan mousse

Vegan cheese biscuit

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