Savoury flavourings

The secret to a successful flavour lies in the details

Are you looking for stable flavourings to fine-tune your flavour profile? We have a wide range of savoury flavourings and additional ingredients. This gives us everything we need to create a complete and unique concept for you.

Our product range

Our savoury flavours are available in various forms, types and quantities. Depending on your application, we can supply ingredients – non-natural, 95/5 ratio, natural or fully organic and vegan – in liquid or powdered form.







uses of savoury flavourings

Our ingredients are available in different forms and compositions, making them suitable for a wide range of uses. These include vegan ice cream, bakery products, soups and meat alternatives.

Soups and sauces




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We have been helping clients stand out in the dynamic and competitive food industry since 2000. By researching and developing in-house, we create customised formulas that give them an edge in the market.

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