Soups and sauces

Consumers have high expectations when they buy a soup or sauce. It must have the right amount of creaminess, a deep flavour and not be too salty. It should have a pleasant mouthfeel and must also be nutritious. Nowadays, a perishable product should be perceived as equivalent to a freshly prepared product. There is also increasing demand for vegan and organic variants.

A tailor made recipe

The secret to a successful flavour lies in the detail and is determined by how various ingredients are combined. We have a wide range of ingredients and an in-house test kitchen. Here, we research and develop unique flavour profiles. Together with you, we mix and select ingredients to create the desired end product.

Our ingredients
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Ingredients we use to develop soups, sauces and broths, and other such products, include flavourings, yeast extracts and creamers.

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